Chris Henry On The Issues

Chris Henry candidate for Oregon governor

Describe your first priority.

The struggle of Workers, Consumers and Ratepayers is my top priority! If elected governor, I will raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and create a true “Living Wage” by tying the Minimum Wage to a “Maximum Wage” and designing a Progressive Income Tax system. I will drastically increase unionization in Oregon by referring a modified version of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) to voters, along with a Single-Payer Healthcare System, an Oregon State Bank and Multiple People’s Utility District.

Describe your 1st priority if elected.

Workers Deserve The Right To Form A Union. I Will Fight For Worker’s Rights! Workers Deserve A Living Wage. I Will Raise The Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour. Healthcare Is A Human Right. I Will Fight For Universal Healthcare! Everybody In, Nobody Out.

Describe your second priority.

According to the Kellogg-Briand Pact, which was ratified by the US Senate and made “The Law of The Land” in the United States, all war after WWI was made illegal. Oregonians should stop funding these illegal past, present and future wars! I will create an Oregon Department of Peace and will build a “Peaceagon” in the state capital to house it. I will forward a Peace Tax Fund to Oregon Voters to divert 50% of the discretionary federal tax that goes to war! back to the state for peaceful purposes.

Describe your 2nd priority if elected.

Our Budget Priorities Are Pitiful. Endless Wars Are Bankrupting Our Economy. Oregon Taxes Should NOT Finance Endless Wars Abroad! I Will Build A Peace Economy and Create A Dept. of Peace. I Will Keep The Oregon Guard Home and Demilitarize Our Police.

Describe your third priority.

In 2006, Oregon Voters passed Measure 47, one of the most comprehensive Campaign Finance Reform laws in the nation! Although Measure 47 passed, two Secretaries of State have not implemented it, two Attorneys General have not enforced it and two Governors have ignored it. Record-breaking campaign donations have becoming the unquestioned norm in Oregon elections. Oregonians deserve the clean elections they voted for back in 2006. If elected, I will see that Measure 47 is implemented and enforced.